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Crash Course in Mindfulness Training and TNM Meditation

2x a week. 2 weeks. 4 classes.

Why is it so important to prevent and manage stress in the workplace? Stress creates extreme conditions which in turn generates new stress. It can seep into the office culture creating a vicious cycle that negatively affects the quality of employees’ work while undermining their stability.

2x a week. 2 weeks. 4 classes.

Empower your company’s employees with the right tools to better tackle their responsibilities, improve communication, prevent burnout and boost morale. Create an office space where employees feel more relaxed and skilled at managing stress while strengthening their sense of belonging. Help your employees feel more engaged, productive, calm and loyal to their employer while learning how mindfulness and meditation improve their lives both at work and at home. Isn’t it time to invest in your staff’s well-being?

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  • I was pleased and delighted to witness my staff’s response to this course. In the past, we have had trouble keeping to “daily huddles” and find it much easier to practice meditation as a team during lunch breaks. Without a doubt the course has improved unity amongst our staff, and focus on caring for patients. The time we invested in this course is already paying dividends, and I am certain the dividends will continue to accrue as we continue our mindfulness and meditation practice.

    The four sessions on mindfulness and meditation were an efficient and helpful instruction on bringing peace, gratitude, and mindfulness to caring for my patients. The course provided a framework for daily practice. I have continued to use it in my home life as well. Specifically, I return to concentrate on my breathing at night when I fall asleep. 

    Dr. Keith Silverman
  • The inner peace I felt while meditating is out of this world. I ‘ve never felt that way before. Now I try to include the mindfulness formula Dalia taught in my daily life routine. Thank you for this course. 

  • I really enjoyed the course. It gives the keys to start meditation. It helped me open my mind and heart to what is really important in my life. Thank you Dalia!

    Fiorella Latorre (Dr. Silverman’s office.)
  • It was a great course. It was open and friendly and comfortable. I was done in such a positive yet assertively and led by example as to how to be happier. I left the sessions with insights and useful skills I pretty much use every day! Thank you Dalia!

    Chica Soto
  • It was great, just great. Dalia has a calm, soothing voice and a pleasant way about her. The time we spent was effective and she was just right. Dalia was easy and lovely to listen to.