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Beauty and Mindfulness 2023

“If one is afflicted with melancholy, he should cure it by listening to songs and various kinds of melodies, by walking in gardens and fine buildings, by sitting before beautiful...
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The Attitude of Gratitude

You can’t expect yourself to experience gratitude for everything in your life but you can find it in every moment. How? It takes a split second to pause and go...
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Five Steps to Flow in the Kitchen

Have you ever been so absorbed by what you were doing that time seems to fly or you felt no sense of time at all? Chances are you were in...
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Top Three + Seven More Reasons to Meditate with TNM

1. Learn how to meditate in a way that isn’t boring. 2. Access a deep meditative state easily and quickly. 3. Develop and improve your cardiac interoception abilities. What is...
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Mindfulness in Relationships

Have you ever had a conversation with someone you love that turned into an argument and wound up spiraling into a screaming match? We may not want to admit it...
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Mindful Eating + Chocolate

Have you ever eaten lunch at your desk while catching up on work or browsing online and then wondered where the rest of your sandwich went? Multi-tasking gets many things...
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Come to your Senses: Mindfulness in Nature

There is something calming but also energizing when you spend time in nature. It feels quiet yet there is so much going on between the plants, trees, fungi, birds, bugs...
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The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Mindfulness

Right now in this moment, ask yourself what state am I in? Check in with yourself and notice. What energizes you? Do you play images from the past or worry...
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  • From someone who chuckled at the idea of meditation 6 months ago, Dalia taught me how to mediate! It was an eye opening experience. Not only did I learn to clear my mind and meditate for 1,2,3,5 and later 10 minutes – this became my tool for life.

  • As a meditation teacher I found this technique to be quite deep and impressive.

  • I am glad I took this class. It helps with my insomnia. I practice right before bedtime and I fall asleep more easily.

  • I tried meditating with Oprah and Deepak online for two years already. It wasn’t until I took Dalia’s class that I experienced what meditation is really like. I went deep for the first time. I wasn’t bored or trapped in my thoughts. Great class.

  • I tremendously appreciate the meditation class and imagery work I have done with Dalia. When I am stressed or feel the need, I draw on the teaching to calm and relax me. I am grateful for Dalia’s genuine warmth and caring… I value her expertise and professionalism highly. She is a great guide and healer and her heart is in helping others. Certainly, I encourage others to take the opportunity to learn about meditation with Dalia.

  • I have been meditating for 13 years, have gone to many classes and worked with many teachers. And much to my surprise I learned new things from this class that improve my practice. It is quite good.

  • The inner peace I felt while meditating is out of this world. I ‘ve never felt that way before. Now I try to include the mindfulness formula Dalia taught in my daily life routine. Thank you for this course. 

  • I really enjoyed the course. It gives the keys to start meditation. It helped me open my mind and heart to what is really important in my life. Thank you Dalia!