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TNM Meditation

TNM – Fast Track to a Deeper Meditation

TNM helps you meditate more deeply and strengthens your ability to focus. It is easy to learn and isn’t boring. That makes a big difference since meditation requires daily practice. So many people try to meditate and give up because they feel impatient and restless. TNM skips the frustrating parts and helps you get to a deep  meditative state quickly.

Meditating with TNM leads to better emotional regulation and less anxiety in your daily life by utilizing cardiac interoception. Scientists who study the way we sense our bodies are finding that the heartbeat, particularly, can be a direct line to the brain and the mental states that reside there. High interoceptive awareness is linked to better emotion regulation and interoception training can reduce anxiety levels. [1] [2]

TNM develops your interoception abilities.  It teaches you how to connect with your heartbeat while you meditate. The ability to feel your heartbeat is called cardiac interoception. It’s pretty amazing.  it’s like having an invisible stethoscope while you meditate.

The benefits of meditating show up in your day to day life in many ways. Even meditating for ten minutes each day can be life changing.