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Functional Imagery Training

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Don’t Diet Lose Weight 

Train in self-motivation.

Build self-confidence.

Switch from I ought to do it to I want to do it.

 Weight loss can be boosted fivefold.

FIT gets you going and keeps you going.

FIT improves performance and grit.

FIT increases exercise adherence.

Discover a multi-sensory mental imagery intervention that trains you to train yourself to feel motivated even when faced with challenges. FIT makes losing weight easier with both immediate and long-term benefits. You will get the sense that you can witness your transformation, not just who you are, but who you are becoming. FIT blends coaching with tailored imagery exercises to strengthen motivation. It builds desire and self-efficacy for behaviors that will help each individual reach their goal. FIT is simple to learn, feels great and really, really works!

Motivation.       Adherence.       Self-Regulation.       Success.

Cravings and Desires

Cravings and desires work in the same way. Emotion is the key component of both – whether for temptations, an unwanted craving, or the motivation to achieve a goal. Two decades of research show that mental imagery is more strongly emotionally charged than other types of thought. And feeling something is powerful. It gets to action quicker. There is roughly a five-second window of time between a thought, an idea, or intuition, and the brain’s move to support it or kill it. Your brain cannot do both (craving and imagery) at the same time. Interrupting a craving with imagery weakens the craving. Over time using FIT can diminish a craving entirely. Vivid sensory imagery can support changes in eating behaviors, reduce impulsivity and sustain motivation.

A single session of FIT plus a booster phone call on snacking correlated with reductions in snacking and weight loss. FIT works fast and requires much less coaching time than most interventions.

Craving Buster.     Fatigue Buster.   The Spoiler.   5 Second Switcheroo.