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Why I Love FIT So Much

FIT changed my attitude. Sometimes diet and exercise decisions can feel like a battle between freedom and control; vanity and identity; indulgence and denial. It is complicated.  FIT bypasses the struggle using your imagination and your senses. You get better results through specific visualizations and by believing in yourself. FIT cultivates a mindset shift, and soon enough you are exercising and eating healthily because you want to, rather than feeling like you ought to, or have to. I am amazed at how well it works. Feeling more viscerally motivated and happier, I use FIT a few times each day and it has become much easier to stick to my goals.

 Top Ten FIT Facts:
  1. Vivid sensory imagery can sustain motivation and support changes in eating behaviors.
  2. Imagery turns plans into behavior.
  3. Imagining the future reduces impulsivity.
  4. Weight loss can be boosted fivefold.
  5. FIT reduces alcohol consumption, snacking on sugary drinks and foods.
  6. Imagery increases confidence that something can happen.
  7. A single session of FIT plus a booster phone call on snacking correlated with reductions in snacking and weight loss.
  8. FIT boosts diabetes self-management.
  9. FIT boosts grit and resilience in elite athletes.
  10. FIT increases exercise adherence.

FIT works quickly and requires much less coaching time than most interventions. Schedule your free consultation.

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