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Have you ever eaten lunch at your desk while catching up on work or browsing online and then wondered where the rest of your sandwich went? Multi-tasking gets many things done at once but there is a downside when it comes to eating. When there is competition for your attention eating can turn mindless and...
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There is something calming but also energizing when you spend time in nature. It feels quiet yet there is so much going on between the plants, trees, fungi, birds, bugs and animals. Nothing in nature exists in isolation and everything is interconnected and interdependent. It creates a thriving ecosystem. Once you step into nature you...
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Right now in this moment, ask yourself what state am I in? Check in with yourself and notice. What energizes you? Do you play images from the past or worry about the future a lot? Do you have thoughts constantly running through your mind? Managing yourself requires inner life skills. Every person can develop them....
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