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Top Three + Seven More Reasons to Meditate with TNM

1. Learn how to meditate in a way that isn’t boring.

2. Access a deep meditative state easily and quickly.

3. Develop and improve your cardiac interoception abilities.

What is Cardiac Interoception?

Interoception is the sensitivity to stimuli originating from within the body. Cardiac interoception is the ability to feel your own heartbeat. TNM teaches you how to connect with your heartbeat while you meditate. It’s pretty amazing. It’s like having an invisible stethoscope.

Scientists who study the way we sense our bodies are finding that the heartbeat, particularly, can be a direct line to the brain and the mental states that reside there. High interoceptive awareness is linked to better emotion regulation and interoception training can reduce anxiety levels. [1],[2]

Cardiac interoception aligns perfectly with meditation. They support each other. It’s like a double whammy. Not only does it help you meditate more deeply but once you start practicing, it leads to better emotional regulation and less anxiety. TNM develops your interoception abilities as you gradually build a meditation practice that is enjoyable, deep and easy to do on a daily basis.

Here are seven more benefits that most meditation practices, including TNM provide.

  1. Your ability to focus improves.
  2. There is less reactivity to stress and anxiety.
  3. It trains your attention to be mindful.
  4. It quiets the monkey mind/non-stop thoughts.
  5. Less identification with your thoughts over time.
  6. Access calmness on demand.
  7. Bragging rights once you commit to a daily meditation practice.
Why learn how to meditate?

Meditating helps free your mind to have a richer experience of the present. You can feel less stressed, more calm and be kinder to yourself and others. When your mind is clear and focused and your body is relaxed and calm you make better decisions. Even if you just want to feel more peaceful in your daily life, learning how to meditate is well worth the effort.

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